Empire of Sin is an organized crime-themed turn-based strategy video game by Paradox Interactive and Romero Games.[1] It was introduced to the world at E3 at the Nintendo Direct Presentation[2] and is expected to go on sale on December 1, 2020.[3]

Players control one of fourteen crime bosses, some of whom are based on real-life historical characters, in an effort to control Prohibition-era Chicago.[4] About half the characters are fictional.[5]

Empire of Sin is being released on a variety of gaming platforms: Nintendo Switch, Macintosh, PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One.[4][6]

The game is expected to be fast-paced and replayable, with a typical game time not exceeding ten hours.[7]

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Players start as one of fourteen mob bosses. There are randomly-generated starting conditions. Players start with a racket (such as speakeasies), recruit characters, create new rackets and take over enemy territory. Players can interact with other bosses, who react to player actions based on their own personalities.[1]

There are numerous possible win conditions, and characters can become the king or queen of the underworld through violence, social interaction, or even notoriety.[3]

Characters[edit | edit source]

Bosses[edit | edit source]


Recruiting[edit | edit source]

Recruitable Player Characters are not bosses, but can be directly controlled in combat.[5]

Players can choose up to sixteen henchmen from a collection of sixty characters.[7] They have individual personalities and relationships, which can influence their actions, such as refusing to attack a lover.[5] The relationships are randomly determined.[5]

Henchmen name examples include Maria,[5] Dotty Bacon, Zee Zee, and Two-Ton Clyde Malone.[8]

Rackets[edit | edit source]

There are six rackets in total.[5]

  • Brothels
  • Casinos
  • Protection
  • Speakeasies
  • Union influence

Combat[edit | edit source]

During combat, which is a top-down X-Com-like interface with turns, players are shown the likelihood of success of specific actions.[4] Actions cost a certain number of action points.[5] Bosses offer buffs to nearby allies. Winning an encounter takes over a building, which can be upgraded.[4]

When an enemy is incapacitated, they can be gorily executed, causing blood to spill onto the "camera".[5]

Sit-Down[edit | edit source]

Players can use a variety of diplomatic tricks on other bosses, such as charming, bribing, or threatening.[4] Players choose dialogue options, and if things go badly, a battle erupts.[5]

Players can also bribe police officers and perform other interactions.[9]

Staff[edit | edit source]

  • Lead designer: Brenda Romero
  • Associate game designer: Ian O'Neill

DLC[edit | edit source]

Golden Weapon Set- make's the early game unchallenging.

Mobster Pack - i guess it has this additional recruitable character their not that strong at this dec 02 current patch.

Curb Stomp Execution - Doesnt apeal to me. I like the free stock execution its alot better.

Expansion Pass: · The first expansion for Empire of Sin includes new game mechanics, missions, and someone you might have heard of… It's all very daring and dangerous and with huge rewards. Are you in?

· The second expansion for Empire of Sin includes new game mechanics, missions, and powerful characters that come to visit Chicago. The question is, will you let them stay?

· Outfit your boss in style! Gangsters who manage to lay their hands on the Empire of Sin: Expansion Pass will receive an optional fur coat costume for their Al Capone boss.

System Requirements[edit | edit source]

  • Direct X: Version 11
  • Hard Drive Storage: 6 GB
  • RAM: 4 GB (6 GB recommended)

Windows[edit | edit source]

  • OS: Windows 7, 64 bit (Windows 10, 64 bit recommended)

Video Gallery[edit | edit source]


Empire of Sin Announcement Trailer

Announcement trailer

References[edit | edit source]

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